History of the Packard Automobile Club of Australia Part 2

During the previous year I had been told that such a club would never get off the ground, it had been tried once or twice – didn’t work. Mainly this was said by the Veteran and Vintage boys and “Good Old British Make” type to whom anything not made in England was only “Yanky Junk.” But I knew what I was driving. By this time I had had many steering wheels in my hands and was gaining experience rapidly. Driving to me became an art and if you’re going to do something, do it with style and as well as you can, whatever it may be. It was a challenge, and when something “can’t be done” I’ll at least give it a dammed good try.

“Packard?” I often heard, “It’s only an American car, why bother?” This only made me more determined that one day this once proud name would again take its rightful place in motoring history, even if it took years! I had a lot to learn – The mechanical mysteries of the running gear, the history, the identification of year and model. My knowledge was very limited. I only knew that this was a majestic and regal vehicle.

From our first run in 1965 to the following December has amassed some other 30 Packard Buffs, I had been elected president and held the position for five years (Mainly because no one else wanted the job I’m sure) until I finally and firmly resigned the position. A newsletter began which became the “Packardian,” P.A.C. gathered momentum and now 15 years later is still going strong.

Many members became firm friends all round and have remained so to this day. It may have taken 15 years to realise a dream, but we’ve done it.

I cannot take credit for this, I only started the ball rolling and it gathered others along the way. The work and dedication of so many towards my goal has given me many hours of deep and sincere happiness, but I surely am proud the P.A.C. has developed into such a respectful club, fine people and beautiful cars, and many ties that will never be broken.

‘Friendship, some of which began for me so long ago, have proved the true meaning of the word “friend” and all my deepest thanks. Without their assistance, companionship, compassion and understanding 

This article was written only weeks before Gwen McRae, founder of the Packard Automobile Club Of Australia.

Gwen McRae 1980

The Early Years – Photos

33 Packard
Gwen & 33 LaneCove National Park
1969, Peter Sharpe48-7pass at Gladesville
Gladesville 1969 front yard – How many Packards can you count?
’33’ at WindsorSpeedway 1964
‘Goldy’ 1968 at Whale Beach
Goldy engine bay – 1968

Jim Mangleson 39-120 Whale Beach 1968

JO-195 (Rod McRae) Swan Hill 1971
Kiama Line-up
Kiama Line-up
Kiama Line-upa
Kiama1965 way home, 39-6 fan belt broken

Max Eggleton’s 55 Clipper Whale beach 1968

M.Torrice-120.Whale beach 1968
R.Bracht 47 Clipper Whale Beach 1968
Rod’s’JO’ 1950 Whale Beach 1968-
The ’33’ on road to Junee 1964 1948 Hearse, Gladesville 1968. used as mobile workshop