The following Images have been made possible thanks to projects of "Making of Modern_michigan" http://mmm.lib.msu.edu/


1899 packard
1900 packard 1901 PACKARD 1902 Packard

1899 Packard hoisted above Detroit skyline

1900 Packard Model B
1901 Packard Model C on New York to Buffalo endurance run

1902 Packard F models in factory


1903 F and model A 1904 Packard 1905 Packard 1906 Packard
1903 Packard Model F Old Pacific with 1899 Packard Model A

1904 Packard Model L with driver & passenger in front of Packard Motor Car Co.


1905 Packard Model N loaded onto a 1905 Packard truck

1906 Packard 24 touring car, right front side view
1907 Packard 1908 Packard 1909 Packard 1910 Packard
1907 Packard 30 Model U ahead of schedule
1908 Packard 30 Model UA limousine and owner Mr. Warfolk in front of Packard Company
1909 Packard 18 Model NA touring car, factory buildings in background
1910 Packard 30 Model UC, parked on street in front of Packard plant, with family of six and chauffeur
1911 Packard 1912 Packard 1913 Packard 1914 Packard

1911 Packard 30 Model UD rear view, on muddy country road

1912 two-toned Packard three-quarter front view, right side
1913 Packard 38 station wagon, left side, parked on street, house in background
1914 Packard 3-48 touring car on residential street, mansions in background.jpg
1916 Packard
1917 Packard 1918 Packard
1915 Packard 3-38 light-colored special touring car of Czar Nicholas II 1916 Packard close up of motor

1917 Packard limousine with male chauffeur, parked on street, left side view


1918 Packard landaulet, parked on street, male driver, two female passengers, one female standing next to car
1919 Packard 1920 Packard 1921 Packard 1922 Packard
1918-1919 Packard close-up of instrument board 1920 Packard phaeton, parked on country road by stream and mill 1921 Packard bus conversion parked on residential street 1922 Packard touring car, parked on street, seen through large iron gate in winter
1923 Packard 1924 Packard 1925 Packard 1926 Packard
1923 Packard sedan, three-quarter right front view, parked on street, female passenger 1924 Packard sedan, three-quarter left front view, hauling three cargo wagons 1925 Packard sedan crossing country, wooden bridge 1925-1926 Packard touring sedan on country road, top raised, side curtains in place
1927 Packard 1928 Packard 1929 Packard 1930 Packard
1927 Packard runabout photographed in engineering test room 1928 Packard sedan on a snowy road with Swiss Alps in background 1929 Packard custom sedan made to run on railroad tracks 1930 Packard sedan in the factory spray booth getting some paint work done


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